Cooking factory

Innovative, down-to-earth kitchen from all over Europe in the Hotel Moserwirt

Cooking Factory

First of all - out into the world

Was the credo by Sebastian at the ago of 17 after he graduated from school. His path took him to Cologne
into the restaurant "Grubers". Out of the frying pan, into the fire with a steep learning curve - that's what
the first time in Cologne was like. Although he learned a lot, it was home, where Sebastian found his love.
In the first place to the Salzburg-kitchen, secondly he found his wife Manuela. Both met in the kitchen of
Schloss Möchstein in the city of Salzburg. From there both moved on and Sebastian took a position as head
chef in the Nature-Hotel Edelweiss in Wagrain, where Manuela acted as Chef Patisserie.

As a future chef Sebastian still had to learn a lot and so he moved to Germany again, where he started an 
internship. Bayersbronn was the destination and Harald Wohlfahrt his teacher. He has learned a lot there, 
some things he brought home, others on the other side, he forgot about.

In the restaurant Moserwirt, the meals are not the only things, that are home-made. In our team, the chefs
are home-made too - we have a local team. The Niederreiter family forms the Moserwirt-team. Son of the
family, Sebastian has the lead together with his wife Manuela.

"Back to the roots" ...

… with much experience and his own style. His cooking style was formed by his way through international
kitchens, but it is the kitchen of the Moserwirt-family-business, where Sebastian will act as a chef in the
future. Since the year 2014 he is back in Maria Alm and has many goals together with his wife Manuela. They
take their experience from international jobs and combine it with the tradition of the Pinzgau-cooking-style.

What comes out, can only be tasty. "The best cannot be found far away - most of the times it is nearer than
expected" - that's how the credo of the young Moserwirt-Team can be described. Out guest will find a real
special mixture from international flair and countryside-tradition. Sounds amazing and tasty, don't you think?


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