Hiking paradise Hochkönig

Over the grass mountains, through green forests with amazing views in the alpine world of stones and rocks.

Hiking in Maria Alm

Hikes and hiking tours

There is still fog over the valley and as you wait for the hiking bus, you cannot believe, that this will be a sunny
day pretty soon. For the first few vertical meters you take the cable car, as the gondola rides through the fog
layer and you see the surrounding mountains in the early sun you realize, now you've in the hiking paradise 

Take a look around

And realize the infinite diversity. There are more than 340 km of hiking trails in the Pinzgau grass mountains. From
easy-joyful to active-challenging. With a constant view to the chalk rocks of the Steinernes Meer and the Hochkönig.
You do not have to climb up there - this is something for climbers and mountaineers.

To impressive pastures and cozy huts

What must be part of an unforgettable hike? Exactly, a stop in a cozy hut on a mountain. You have started 
early on your hike and you kept on waling for ever, now you are hungry and thirsty? Suddenly there is this
hut, which looks exactly how you imagined. The host is friendly, greets you warm and inviting and serves 
amazing food and drinks. Now you are "on top of your emotions".

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