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Long tradition, turbulent history and a lot to be told.

Hosts & History

The history of the Moserwirt

The Moserwirt house of history is located right in the middle of the village, it has seen a lot and
has strongly stamped the history of Maria Alm. Moserwirt was not always the name of the house -
before the 19th century, the Moserwirt was known as the Salzmann or Moserhaus. It was part of the
"freieigenen Gütern", which means, it was not owned by any landlord.

No landlord? That has changed soon ...

Exactly - from the early 18th century there have been mentioned owners and possessors of the house.
After Hans Kössner and his wife Gertraud Pergnerin in the year 1716, the house changed owners and was
owned by August Eder in the year 1751. After some more changes of ownership, it was Johann Niederreiter,
who transferred the Moserwirt in the possession of his family in the year 1937. The house had been in the
possession of the Niederreiters until now - in the year 1997 Walter and Maria Niederreiter passed it on to
the next generation Reinhard and Monika Niederreiter. And the next generation is already waiting in the wings.

"If there are four soldies sitting on the Moser-bench…

than, a major war is over". That's what the prophet Vikar Martin Weißbacher said in Maria Alm.
Sounds strange, but this is what happened. It was spring in the year 1945, when the allied forces
moved on the Salzburg and demanded the absolute capitulation of Germany. As soon as the general
field marshall Kesselring took a seat on the Moserwirt-house-bench in front of the house and discussed
the capitulation with his officers, everyone around knew, that the prophecy should be proved correct
this time.

The Moserwirt has seen a lot and there will be much more to be seen. The next generation around
Sebastian and Manuela Niederreiter will care for it, so the history of the house with tradition will not
end for a very long time.

Das Beste aus einer Hand

The Niederreiter Family

Three generations pull together to make your time in the Moserwirt as special and unforgettable as possible.

    • Sebastian Niederreiter

      Acts and creates in the kitchen

    • Manuela Niederreiter

      Head of the "sweets" in the kitchen

    • Rainhard Niederreiter

      Boss of the house & guest relations

    • Katharina Niederreiter

      Daughter & head of SPA & massage

    • Monika Niederreiter

      Female boss of the house & "head of ambience"

    • Walter Niederreiter


    • Maria Niederreiter


The Moser family

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