On two wheels through the region

With or without electric power. On amazing routes uphill, over playful trails downhill.

Mountainbiking & Cycling

Cycling & mountainbiking

You think about taking your bicycles on your holidays? There is no such decision, if you are traveling to the
Hochkönig region. You will find the right decision, as soon as you've checked out the numerous options for
biking and cycling. You still decide not to take your bikes? Than you will have to visit our bike-rental-shops.

The grass mountains belong to you

And your mountainbike. The workout in winter paid off well. The tour to the top of the Hundstein is long and
exhausting, but it is exactly, what you planned for your vacation. While hikers are on their feet and have to
hike down mountains, you stay a bid longer on the hut and ride your bike down amazing trails and speedy
gravel roads.

Even with electric support

No tour is too long, no ascent too steep - nothing can stop you, if you go on e-bike-tour in the Hochkönig region. 
While you take a rest in one of the cozy huts, your e-bike gets fresh energy at the docking station and will have
some more energy for another route. You do not own an e-bike? One of the numerous bike-shops with rental
service will help you.

Service, support and guided tours

"Everything about the bike". That is the credo of some of the best sport-shops and service-centers around
Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach. Whatever is needed by you or your bike, the experts can help you out.
You do not want to go on tour by yourself? Local bike-guides offer guided tours and show you the beauty
of the Hochkönig region.

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