Climbing legends at the Hochkönig

On high, on classic climbing routes, on via ferratas or in sport-climbing-gardens.

Mountaineering & Climbing

Mountaineering and Climbing

The steep trail to the Riemannshaus is steep and demanding. Totally different to the hikes in the grass mountains.
What both routes have in common, is the happy feeling, when you reach the hut. On the terrace of the Riemannshaus
you can enjoy the amazing views. From the grey rock-walls of the stone mountains, you can look over to the snow-
covered peaks of the Hohe Tauern. Just a quick snack and than we hike on on top of the Breithorn - the view from
there is even better.

Steep and rough and a real legend

The mountaineering area around the Hochkönig has a long tradition. Some really famous mountaineers have 
spend some time here and did some routes for the first time. For some routes you really need much experience.
Others on the other side are good to walk and takes not so experienced mountain-climbers to the summits.

Pretty close to the mountains

take you some of the most famous hiking trails in the "Steinernes Meer". Therefore you do not always need to
be an mountaineering expert. The routes to the Ramseidenscharte or the Buchauerscharte are amazing hikes,
which can be done by "normal" mountain hikers. Nevertheless, you better be surefooted and have a fairly good
Shape for tours like that.

With helmet and carabiner

you can start approaching some of the best via ferratas in the Hochkönig region. Have you ever done a via ferrata?
If yes, you know what we are talking about. Technique, power and endurance are necessary, if you want to 
succeed on the famous Königsjodler or on the Selbhorn-Ferrata. If you are interested in more details infos about
climbing and via ferratas, we know the local mountain guides. Markus Hirnböck is your man, when it comes to
unforgettable mountain experiences in the Hochkönig region.

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