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Our Partners

Our cooperating partners in the hotel

The Moserwirt team every day works for your personal well-being and there is one major goal, we want to
achieve: to create a great vacation for you. Most of the time it takes more than a cool hotel room and an
outstanding region. In order to act up to your expectations 100%, we cooperate with a couple of partners 
and local suppliers. Our partnerships are responsible, that we can optimize our service for you and that you
can profit from a wide range of joy and relaxation

It is not just the Moserwirt team, who is responsible for the comprehensive service. In our daily work for your
personal holiday-experience we cooperate with partners and suppliers. By these cooperations our service 
quality can be increased. Our guests feel that in the Moserwirt. We are happy to offer a summery of our 
cooperating partners and local suppliers.


The joy is growing. Sonnentor believes, that nature provides the best recipes for a long and fulfilled life. This attitude was the base for the foundation of the company in the year 1988. The herbs and spices of Sonnentor are harvested by the organic farms only at certain dates and are processed to teas and herbs-mixtures. Sonnentor and the Moserwirt fit perfectly - this is proved by the high quality and the philosophy of "gently preparation".

- Sonnentor

Local hosts and farmers cooperate in and around Maria Alm, near the Hochkönig, in order to optimize the added value of the region, to save the quality and to control the origin of food. There are many Maria Alm hosts, who keep on buying from the Bauernkorb - so does the Hotel Moserwirt. Bauernkorb-products are 100% local and fit perfectly the concept of our hotel and restaurant. We use healthy ingredients, we create meals with tradition and we raise the added value in the region.

- Almer Bauernkorb

Since 1907 Hartlieb has stood for high-quality oil. The mill, which originally was run as a subsidiary occupation, was modernized and re-constructed in the 50s. Nowadays Hartlieb sets standards for high-quality pumpkin-seed-oil and also offers an exhibition, where visitors can learn about the oil-production. We trust in quality and in Thomas Hartlieb. He runs the company in the fourth generation and he is keen on producing high quality, using all his experience. 

- Oil-mill Hartlieb

Actually, this is a really old cooking-method. The folks of the "Garwerkstatt" have put some innovations into it and have transferred it into modern life. Some facts: the food is heated with the special "Garkiste-pot" and afterwards the whole thing is put into the "Garkiste", which is a cooking box. The meal will be cooked slowly and easily, only by it's own heat - the box is held 100% closed all the time. Sensational - the food's gonna be ready, just by it's heat, without using additional energy. The Moserwirt cooking-factory-team loves the cooking method by the "Garkiste".

- Cooking with the "Garkiste"

The company of the Käserebellen or "cheese rebels" is located in the middle of our alps-region. More than 300 milk-suppliers deliver about 30 mio. kg "Heumilch". The farmers feed their cattle strictly by the regulations of the "Heumilchregulaitve". The whole idea started in the 1860s, when four farming families produced cheese in the basement of the restaurant "Bären". Throughout the years the group of the Käserebellen grew and more and more farmers followed. The products of the Käsebellen are great and the Moserwirt-team are happy to cooperate.

- The "Käserebellen"

The "Schranne" is a weekly market in the city of Salzburg since the year 1906. The Schranne has been a real Salzburg classic market for more than 100 years. It is one of the most popular and most famous markets in Austria, next to the Brunnen- and Nachmarkt in Vienna. The name Schranne comes from the special inner-city-grain-depots, which were located on the Mirabellplatz and in the "Schrannegasse". The market is open every Thursday from 05:00 a.m. until 01:00 p.m. and is a very important place for getting local products.

- The "Schranne"

Taxi-Pfeiffer is our Taxi-Partner in Maria Alm. We make use of our partners at various occasions. The services by Taxi Pfeiffer are comprehensive - from taxi-service, to airport-transfer to the airport of Munich, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Vienna and even Zurich. If we need local services, like messenger services or patient transportations, we like the services of the Maria Alm company taxi Pfeiffer. For sightseeing trips to sights and destinations of the Salzburger Land, taxi Pfeiffer is a reliable partner.

- Taxi Pfeiffer

When it comes to learning skiing or kids-ski-lessons, we rely on our partners from the ski-school-Edelweiss. The ski school from Maria Alm has a strong focus on quality and tradition. Values, which 100% fit the visions of the Moserwirt. Even high-tech can be found in the ski-school-Edelweiss. They have the longest conveyor belt in Salzburg, with more than 26 meters. The kid's land of Hugo and the well-trained ski-instructors show heart and humor - your kids will never forget their skiing lessons in Maria Alm.

- Ski School Edelweiss
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