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The kitchen team of the Moserwirt spoils you with spectacular regional specialities

Regional specialties

What makes a meal a regional specialty? Is it the use of local products, the fresh ingredients or the special
preparation? We say, it's the combination of all. 
Sebastian Niederreiter and the entire team especially care for the preparation of regional specialties. In 
his eyes a lot of regional meals are almost forgotten - that's the reason he want to breath new life into them
in the moser-HOCHKÖNIG Genuss Wirtshaus Hotel.

That all has been here before ...

… we've just forgotten about it. Sebastian has always cooked the "funkiest" things. Because of his attitude,
there are especially the old recipes of his home, which are interesting for him and which he does not want
to be forgotten. He constantly looks for them and wants to prepare them in the Moserwirt kitchen. Thereby
he wants to be authentic, wants to cook simple meals and wants to prove, that good taste and artificial
substances do not go along very well.

Vegan and vegetarian kitchen - new trends?

Not at all. Vegan and vegetarian recipes build the base for a variety of traditional meals. We've always eaten 
vegan, but we have not done it because of lifestyle, like nowadays. Traditional meals and healthy food are 
not contrary to each other - so why don't we connect both of it? We do so in our own lives and we thought 
about it for quite a while. Trust us, you will taste the difference.

Traditional food full of specialties

“Try that, your grand parents have eaten that as well". And it still tastes extraordinarily. Full of natural
ingredients of our region, without long transports, from just around the corner and without artificial flavors.
The secret of the home-made specialty kitchen is hidden in those ingredients. Local suppliers deliver the 
ingredients, the Moserwirt team prepares special recipes and our guests will enjoy real treats. That sounds

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The "General Austrian Terms and Conditions of Business for the Hospitality Industry" apply in the restaurant.


Genuss Wirtshaus Hotel
Am Dorfplatz 2
5761 Maria Alm am Steinernen Meer
UID: ATU 44 08 18 09

Registration No.: 50612-000345-2020

+43 6584 7721
+43 6584 7721 37

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About us

The moser-HOCHKÖNIG Genuss Wirtshaus Hotel - a great starting point for your vacation.

We are right in the center of Maria Alm and part of an exciting history. Become part of this history and come to the Hochkönig region - a great vacation awaits you.

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